Give Kids a Voice

DSC_0646This is my third year using the remind app with my 3rd grade classroom.  What a convenient way to keep everyone informed!  Each year, when I ask my classroom parents to sign up for my account; I inform them that it’s the fastest, most convenient, most reliable way to get important information about their child.  I love how I can send information, knowing it will be received at the moment that I feel it benefits the parents the most.

I used to send newsletters every Friday.  I don’t think anybody read them.  Well, let’s just say that I didn’t get the response I was hoping for.  To be fair, it was probably because the information was too late, too early, too much, or simply not received.  Parents and teachers know that the bottom of the backpack is to papers as the dryer is to socks, right?  It mysteriously swallows them up, never to be found again.  Using remind instantly solved my communication issues, but I had always used my newsletter to showcase students using pictures and stories.  I didn’t want to lose that.  Then, I figured out a way to capitalize on the remind app that keeps my students personalities front and center, while empowering them to take more ownership of classroom management.  My students’ voices will be heard…literally!

Remind has a great feature that allows you to record a voice message.  Why does it have to be my voice?  This year I will use my students’ voices to send important messages.  Not only does it provide a unique opportunity for students to take ownership of the school-to-home communication, it is a real attention grabber for parents.  Truth is, my students usually know what to say anyway because they know what their parents need to hear.  It’s funny how that works.  I have a vision of a classroom community where messages are sent and received in a way that makes everyone feel like they are a part of it.  I want a student to race home to ask her parents if they heard the message she sent today.  I want parents who visit the classroom to thank a student for providing them with the information they needed.  I want students to rely on each other for information.  Communication is important.  Using it to empower students and enhance the classroom community is a game changer!

2 thoughts on “Give Kids a Voice

  1. I like remind and I like newsletters, either one works for me! I like to be informed so whatever resource you use really doesn’t matter it’s the content that gets us parents excited.

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