DJ Positive

My wife calls it my side hustle.  I call it a hobby.  I started to dabble in the DJ biz in 2001; booking weddings, school dances, and various private events.  I stepped up my game in 2013 when I spent countless hours learning how to beat match.  Only then did I consider myself an actual DJ.  I like to spin anything from hip-hop, 80’s, 90’s, EDM, and pop.  I’ve done parties in school gyms, houses, fancy wedding reception venues, and even the top of a haunted house.  Being a DJ over the years has allowed me to meet a lot of people, see many amazing locations around South Carolina and the Southeast, and gain valuable experience performing in front of large crowds.  Recently, I’ve scaled back my booking schedule in favor of family.  If you are interested in hiring me for an event or you simply want to check out more, visit my facebook or website.    


Here’s a look inside the DJ booth on the roof of the Haunted Hotel at Madworld Haunted Attractions (Greenville, SC).